-90% volume

Our patented press reduces the volume of packaging and thus the impact of storage and transport by 10 times.

Less journeys

Compacted materials require fewer trucks and, thanks to selective collection, they do not need to pass through sorting centres.


We guarantee 7/7 remote support + monthly routine and extraordinary maintenance within 24 hours.


Our 4.0 eco-compactors manage deposits (DRS) and discounts 100% digitally via app and smartphone.


We have everything in place to manage the mandatory Deposit Return System, already implemented in many European countries.

Customer loyalty

Our technology is compatible with loyalty programmes of host stores. 95% of the brands involved are seeing an increase in customer traffic.

0 Active eco-compactors
in 2024

0 Bottles compacted
in 1 m² (160 kg of PET)

0 Record number of bottles collected in one day by one machine

0 CO₂ saved on PET transport to the recycling plant due to volume reduction*

* For further information, read the Benefits for the environment section

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