For the environment

-90% volume
Less journeys
Less CO₂
More rPET available
Less virgin PET produced
Less CO₂
More recycling
Less litter
Less pollution
Ripet raccolta PET pressa

Selective collection

Our eco-compactors are designed for the selective collection of different recyclable materials.

To date, most of our machines are intended for the collection of PET and rPET bottles for food use. This polymer can be recycled countless times without losing its qualities as long as it is properly handled.

Our contribution to the correct handling of the material, and thus to circular economy, is crucial:

  • Our machines only recognise and accept the pre-determined type of packaging (aluminium, glass, plastic)
  • Selective collection allows packaging to be sent directly to the recycling plant, without passing through sorting centres
  • Selective collection of food packaging avoids cross-contamination with non-food packaging

We manufacture our machines in Italy, using 100% renewable energy.

  • Selective collection
    • Impact analysis

      We have contracted external experts to analyse the impact of the entire lifecycle (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment) of our machines, starting from their production and ending with an analysis of the collection system as a whole. These are the main benefits of our system:

      • The environmental benefits compensate for the impact generated by the system when an eco-compactor collects an average of 1,500 bottles per day (we have machines that collect up to 10,000 bottles per day)
      • An eco-compactor collecting an average of 2,000 bottles per day puts 7.5 tonnes of recycled PET on the market in one year. This saves 2.3 tonnes of CO2 that would be generated by the production of the same amount of virgin PET
      • Thanks to our special patented press, the packaging collected by our eco-compactors takes up less space than that collected by other machines. The volume reduction allows our system to save 40% of CO2 on the transport of PET to the recycling plant.

    • Impact analysis
      • For the community

        More selective collection
        More recycling
        More best practices
        Less pollution
        More collaboration
        More benefits for everyone

        A win-win situation

        Making the recycling chain more efficient, effective and sustainable and fostering the circular economy are increasingly felt and urgent needs for every community.

        Added to this are the European targets set by the Single-Use Plastic (SUP) Directive, which demand the immediate implementation of efficiency strategies.

        Ripet develops innovative technologies that support public and private organisations in the optimal management of waste and its recycling.

        At the same time, our machines are designed to encourage the large-scale adoption of best practices by citizens.

        Through the distribution of our eco-compactors, a virtuous cycle is set in motion that allows waste to be treated as a resource, according to the principles of the circular economy. The system is collaborative and rewarding for all parties involved: the public organisation, the local entrepreneurial community and citizens.

        • The organisations involved in the recycling chain benefit economically and in terms of results
        • The stores/large-scale retailers that install the eco-compactors play an active role in the chain and build customer loyalty
        • Citizens do their bit for the environment and receive incentives (DRS, discounts, loyalty programmes)

      • A win-win situation
        • For businesses

          More services offered
          More loyal clients
          More packaging collected
          Less space taken
          More data for the
          Sustainability Report

          Hosting an eco-compactor pays off

          Most of our machines are located at the store entrance of medium and large-scale retailers, indoors or outdoors.

          By installing an eco-compactor, you can offer a service that is useful to the community and appreciated by customers, with excellent opportunities for customer loyalty.

          The data on packaging collected by our eco-compactors can be used by the host company for its Sustainability Report.
          (Ask us for more information on the benefits you can get in your country).

          95% of the large-scale retailers involved have recorded an increase in customer traffic and an increase in new loyalty card registrations. Our machines are in fact equipped with software compatible with the allocation of discounts and loyalty points from the host store.

        • Hosting an eco-compactor pays off
          • An efficient system

            Our eco-compactors compact and collect large amounts of packaging in a very small space, up to 6 times more than competitors’ machines. We support our customers with a comprehensive range of services from strategy consulting to after-sales support, including maintenance.

            The process of issuing and using returned packaging deposits is fully digital, thanks to an app that can be downloaded to smartphones.
            This avoids the use of inconvenient paper receipts, to the benefit of the customer, data traceability and the environment.

          • An efficient system