Our company

Ripet was born in 2018 from the vision of Alessandro Persia, who is still President and CEO of the company. The objective is to respond to an increasingly urgent and felt need in global society: to efficiently and sustainably manage the recovery and recycling of PET, glass and aluminium food packaging, ensuring a new life for the raw materials they are made of. We design and manufacture reverse vending machines specific for the selective collection of recyclable packaging.

Alessandro Persia fondatore di Ripet

We work for a future in which reusable raw materials are truly considered and experienced as a resource, and not as waste.
A model that is already taking shape in some Northern European countries and that we intend to help spread in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, creating a virtuous cycle that involves and rewards the community in the interest of all parties: citizens, public organisations, businesses and, of course, the environment.


Volume reduction

Our patented press “Ripress” reduces the volume of collected packaging by 90%. Our machines store 6,000 bottles (160 kg of PET) in just 1 cubic metre. The result is a considerable logistical and environmental advantage (less space = less transport) compared to all our main competitors.


Operation is fully digital, completely safe and paper-free.
The user interacts with the machine using their smartphone. Deposits (DRS) and discounts are issued directly through the app.
The use of traditional, easy-to-lose and environmentally unfriendly paper receipts is thus avoided.

Remote support

Our eco-compactors are smart machines equipped with 4.0 technology.
Their software allows us to monitor them remotely, and even to offer remote assistance for specific operations.
For all other cases, we are on site in a very short time.

Data traceability

We can track and transfer collection flow data through a system that is tailored to the needs and regulations of each country in which we operate.

We comply with the highest cybersecurity standards.


At Ripet, professionalism and good relationships go hand in hand.
We design and manufacture our eco-compactors in our plant in Italy, in the province of Cuneo, working with the best suppliers in the area.

In all the countries in which we operate, our local network of salespeople and maintenance staff is prepared and ready to respond to every customer need, ensuring top-level assistance before, during and after the purchase.

Ripet Team

DRS ready!

Our machines allow to manage the mandatory Deposit Return System (DRS) in countries where legislation requires it.

Our system is cashless: the user interacts with the eco-compactor through their smartphone and an app that they can use to claim their credit at the store.
This avoids the use of inconvenient receipts as well as the paper waste they generate.

The software is also compatible with any discounts and loyalty programmes implemented by host stores and chains.

Cashless DRS managementBenefits for businesses