Ripet ecocompattatori

Smart machines

Our eco-compactors are reverse vending machines for the selective collection of PET, glass and aluminium food packaging (or other materials), operating 24/7.
They can be placed outdoors (car parks, yards) or indoors (such as at the entrance of a supermarket or other building).

We provide different models, available in different sizes.

Our machines allow to manage the Deposit Return System (DRS) in countries where it is implemented.

For large-scale retailers, we offer the option to install eco-compactors with fully customised graphics that issue discounts or loyalty points to be spent in the corresponding store or chain. We support our customers with a comprehensive package of maintenance and after-sales services.

  • Smart machines
    • Ripet bilancia bottiglie compattate

      Patented press

      All models are equipped with our special patented press, which enables the storage of 6,000 bottles in 1 cubic metre.

      This means our C-FRONT eco-compactors have 6 times more capacity than the average of our competitors.

      The photo with the scale shows the minimal space occupied by hundreds of bottles passed through our press. In fact, despite being much smaller, the compacted packaging cube on the left is heavier (and therefore contains more material) than the net full of bottles on the right.

    • Patented press
      • Thanks to the special patented press, the eco-compactors produced by Ripet are 6 times more capacious than the average machines produced by competitors.

        4.0 Technology

        Our machines are equipped with software that allows us to constantly monitor them remotely and to offer remote assistance in case of machine blockages (when bottles are stuck) or other routine operations.

        The viewing system allows for intelligent reading (Artificial Intelligence) of bottles via cameras.

        • Electronic design
        • Data analysis lab
        • Electronic boards
        • Viewing cams
        • Quality control

        The user interacts with the eco-compactor via smartphone and an app.
        The process of issuing and applying deposits (DRS) and/or discounts is fully digital, without the need for paper receipts.

        We comply with the highest cybersecurity standards for secure data management.

      • 4.0 Technology
        • Models

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